Relax is an on device guided breathing exercise that uses your own heart rate to help find a comfortable breathing pace. This project was born from a Hackathon project gone horribly right. For this I worked with one other designer, a motion designer, firmware engineers, R&D, UX research, and marketing.

My role: visual/interaction design, user testing, product management, copywriting


relax on charge 2

Relax is now a feature in the device's main menu. The user chooses a 2 or 5 minute exercise and then begins breathing. Once completed, the user will receive subtle and positive feedback for how well they followed the guide. It was important for the user not to feel judged when completing their exercise.  


relax | onboarding

Because we did not have a mobile component at the time of launch, user education was imperative. We needed people to understand what the feature is, how it works, and how it could benefit them.





01. sketches

A collection of sketches throughout the process.


02. visual exploration

I worked with a motion designer for some initial rapid exploration. I created stills and we sat together making noises to describe the way we wanted it to move. We definitely annoyed the people working around us for a solid week.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 5.41.36 PM.png